In Sunflowers, it is Spring on Fourways Farm and Dudley the Pig is rolling around in the mud. Ginger the Cat watches him, but she says she finds mud "quite disgusting". Then, the animals decide to grow some sunflower plants. Ginger the Cat is the presenter. It is down to the animals in teams, to see who can grow the biggest sunflower to win the Sunflower-Growing-Competition. Suddenly, the rats tear a packet of seeds with important instructions on them.

Every team of animals tries to plant the seeds in the best spot possible, but they fail to follow the packet's instructions. But when Ginger the Cat judges the results 1 month later, she feels distinctly unimpressed. She tells the animals that all 3 things are needed at once, Good Soil, Plenty of water, and in a sunny spot. Martha the Cow wins the competition, and finally, as another day draws to a close, the animals think about growing things.