It is a hot sunny day on Fourways Farm and Brenda the Duck is not around. Martha the Cow decides to have a drink at Brenda's pond when suddenly, she sees a cow reflected on the water. Godfrey the Horse sees another horse reflected in the pond as well, and the rats, Uno, Duo and Trio decide to catch the 2 reflections using a thin brown rope with a jam jar on the end of it.

The 3 rats try their best, but when they eventually pull the jam jar out, there is not a single animal inside. All the rats have pulled out from the pond is just a gallon of pond water. Then the animals look through the opposite sides of the jam jar together. Martha can see a horse, and Godfrey can see a cow. The rats then drop the water that they have pulled up back into the pond. Then Brenda the Duck comes back, and admires her own reflection, even though it's upside down. Martha the Cow and Godfrey the Horse are just On Reflection.