Fourways Farm was a Stop motion animation produced in 1994 by Case TV and aired on Channel 4 during 4Learning Primary Science in 1994-1995 and narrated by Martin Jarvis. It also aired in America by Nickelodeon and dubbed by Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario.


  • Davenport the Dog
  • Martha the Cow
  • Godfrey the Horse
  • Ginger the Cat
  • Dudley the Pig
  • Brenda the Duck
  • Uno the Rat (the oldest and biggest)
  • Duo the Rat (the middle in both size and age)
  • Trio the Rat (the youngest and smallest)
  • Voltaire the Weather Vane (the narrator)


  • 1. On Reflection
  • 2. Moonstruck
  • 3. Falling Upwards
  • 4. Sunflowers
  • 5. Three Of A Kind
  • 6. Who's Been Eating
  • 7. A Drop Of The Hard Stuff
  • 8. Material Differences
  • 9. Ups And Downs
  • 10. The Sound Of Music
  • 11. Floating And Sinking
  • 12. Buried Treasure
  • 13. Appropriate Measures
  • 14. Animal Magnetism
  • 15. Gauging The Weather
  • 16. Birth and Death
  • 17. Paws For Thought
  • 18. Snow Problem
  • 19. Hot and Cold
  • 20. Shadow Play
  • 21. Colours
  • 22. Sickness And Health
  • 23. Changes
  • 24. Four Seasons
  • 25. Wind And Air

Commerical AvailiblityEdit

The series was released on VHS in 1994 by Strand Home Video, Video Treasures and Video Collection International. Apparently, five VHS releases of Fourways Farm were (and still are) available in the UK, with five 10-minute episodes on each video.

VHS Title Release Date Episodes
Fourways Farm - Moonstruck And Other Stories 10 October 1994 On Reflection, Moonstruck, Falling Upwards, Sunflowers, Three Of A Kind
Fourways Farm - Ups And Downs And Other Stories 13 December 1994 Who's Been Eating?, A Drop Of The Hard Stuff, Material Differences, Ups And Downs, The Sound Of Music
Fourways Farm - Buried Treasure And Other Stories 9 January 1995 Floating And Sinking, Buried Treasure, Appropriate Measures, Animal Magnetism, Gauging The Weather
Fourways Farm - Paws For Thought And Other Stories 14 February 1995 Birth and Death, Paws For Thought, Snow Problem, Hot and Cold, Shadow Play
Fourways Farm - Four Seasons And Other Stories 18 August 1995 Colours, Sickness And Health, Changes, Four Seasons, Wind And Air
My Little Fourways Farm Sunflowers and Other Stories 9 January 1996 A Drop of the Hard Stuff, Sunflowers, Animal Magnetism
My Little Fourways Farm Treat Sized Tape 9 January 1996 The Sound of Music. Three Episodes VHS