In Falling Upwards, It is Summer on Fourways Farm and the sun is shining. Martha the Cow, Godfrey the Horse, and Davenport the Dog are all sunbathing near the pond. Suddenly, one by one, the 3 of them are disturbed by a white pebble, a yellow and green acorn, and a red apple falling onto their heads. Yet again, it is Uno, Duo and Trio causing all the trouble.

The rats then put on a show in the barn, thinking that Trio can fall upwards, and she does, all under control of Uno the Rat. Ginger the lazy Cat then comes into the barn to see what is going on. Then Duo ties Trio to a wire, attaches it to a nail near the ceiling and then, using both his hands, Duo pulls Trio up. Finally, Ginger the Cat tickles Duo's right arm, causing him to let go of the wire that Trio is tied on, the wire snaps, and Trio falls to the ground.

And then, as the day draws to an end, Uno, Duo and Trio are given a painful reminder that things always fall downwards unless something pulls them up the other way.